Pipeline Engineering
Pipeline Engineering
  • Pipeline Design Basis.
  • Pipeline Sizing.
  • Pipeline Material Selection. 
  • Pipeline wall thickness calculation (Elastic Bend Radius, Anchorage, Anti-Buoyancy).
  • Preliminary planning maps, Reconnaissance Survey, Right-of-way.
  • Topographic Survey of Pipeline Routes.
  • River, Canal Crossing & Hi-Ways Surveys. 
  • Pipeline Route Map.
  • Pipeline Alignment Drawings.
  • Pipeline Crossings drawings.
  • Typical/Standards Drawings.
  • Anchor Details.
  • Pipe Support Detail.
  • Expansion Loop.
  • Pipeline Material Take-off.
  • Pipeline Specifications and Data Sheets.
  • Pipeline Stress Analysis.
  • Transient Hydraulic Analysis in Gas Pipeline Networks.
  • Surge Analysis in Liquid Pipelines and Pipe Networks.
  • Flow Line Routing and station approach Layouts.