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Specialized in the field of design, project management, procurement assistance, engineering and construction supervision etc.

Oil & Gas

PES has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. We have strong history delivering oil and gas projects at all levels.

Pipeline Engineering

Providing engineering services to cross-country, coastal marsh, wetland, and inland water pipeline projects

Technical Excellence Design Innovation

Our commitment to technical excellence, and the development of our staff, allows us to deliver innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Asset lifecycle

We support the oil and gas industry at every stage of a project's development and operation.

Storage Tank design with more than 70m Diameter & 14m Height

300 Plus Storage Tank design with more than 10m to 45m Diameter & 14m to 19m Height

Targeting Global Market to make a leading Identification.

Cohesive an experienced team of engineers committed to deliver quality services.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Thought Leadership, Experience, and Expertise

Facilities Support Services

Our integrated approach delivers full life-cycle support to help clients meet facility challenges


Petrochem Engineering services (PES)

Petrochem Engineering Services an ISO certified company established in 1998 with the aim to provide specialized engineering consulting and design services to Oil and Gas industries in Pakistan as well as internationally. Our mission is to provide additional value to our customer through comprehensive and integrated engineering, procurement assistance and construction management services with maintaining our commitment to quality, schedule, and service.


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Conceptual Studies

Petrochem Engineering Services executes Conceptual studies to evaluate Technical Feasibility, Economic Viability, and Operability of various options of the process. The most optimized process scheme is selected from the above studies and is further developed along with the Process Flow Diagram and the Heat and Material Balance for the facility.
For Existing systems, we undertake the following studies
• Enhancements to increase the Process throughput
• Ways to achieve Product Purity Enrichment
• Effects of Change in Feed Composition and Conditions
• Effects on Modifications in various operating modes
• Various other plant studies

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)

PES provides integrated solutions to Clients to manage their internal business drivers, using the multi-disciplinary proficiency gained from providing Front-End Engineering And Design (FEED) services to various Clients in oil and gas industry. Through FEED, we extend our broader support in the following modes.

• Evaluation of the various options which will result in the improvement of the Return on Assets(ROA)

• Documenting the required Engineering in order to highlight/ define the specific project requirements for the ease of Detailed Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

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Detailed Engineering

Our multi-discipline organization covers all the technical and administrative functions needed to execute major complex engineering tasks for the oil and gas industry projects. The development of FEED to Detailed Engineering is achieved through an efficient engineering team led by well experienced Project Managers.

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Process Engineering

The process division with a thick blend of internationally experienced engineers & with the aid of high end software available is capable of delivering submittals exceeding the client expectations. The division continuously self improves its benchmarking through the Rich experience of Management team who holds expertise in the specific discipline.

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Pipeline Engineering

  • Pipeline Design Basis.
  • Pipeline Sizing.
  • Pipeline Material Selection. 
  • Pipeline wall thickness calculation (Elastic Bend Radius, Anchorage, Anti-Buoyancy).
  • Preliminary planning maps, Reconnaissance Survey, Right-of-way.
  • Topographic Survey of Pipeline Routes.

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Piping Engineering

Piping department with the aid of high end software like CAESER II has capability in delivering the following in line with the industry expectations.

  • Preparation of Conceptual Design, FEED (Front End Engineering Design) and Detail Design work.
  • Design Basis.
  • Pipe Design Calculation.
  • Piping Material Specification.

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