Rotating Equipment Engineering

Rotating Equipment Engineering Services gives Operational and Technical Support to the Companies

Petrochem delivers the most professional rotating equipment engineering services gives operational and technical support to liquefied natural gas plans and upstream operators and refineries internationally. Our valuable clients perform a wide range of most advanced equipments that includes pumps, compressor, gas/diesel engine, agitators, gas turbines, steam turbines, fans and blowers and centrifuges.

The rotating equipments plays a vital role in the movement of materials by adding kinetic energy to the process. Our quality equipments and professional rotating equipment engineers by applying their skills and advanced techniques make your operational work more feasibly done.

Our company known to be the best among other rotating equipment manufacturers companies because of our long lasting and quality assured equipments, we deliver the best quality products worldwide that can lessen your efforts and make it more effective.

Our Rotating Equipment Engineering Work Approach

Selection / Engineering of Rotating Equipment like

  • Pump

  • Compressor

  • Gas Turbine

  • Steam Turbine

  • Gas/ Diesel Engine

  • Centrifuges

  • Agitators

  • Fans & Blowers

The services include

  • Data sheet preparations

  • Technical Specification preparation

  • RFQ preparation

  • Vendor data review

  • Vendor drawing review

  • Installation/ Commissioning assistance