Quality Assurance

With the Growth of Technology We are Giving Engineering Quality Assurance Services to make work more Effective like Never Before

Petrochem’s engineering quality assurance partners works to make one’s business or projects more effective, helps to bolster development initiatives, delivers long term support through a range of hardware and software, testing infrastructures and testing projects that make sure test coverage and to carry product quality.

For quality assurance of your products our professional team use tools that are based on consolidated quality assurance framework, so you could enforce best practices in it. Our work process focus on meeting the requirements of clients and best user experience. Our services will help you to develop long lasting relation with your customers that why we are more preferred among other engineering quality assurance companies. PES is committed to delivering its services in accordance with best practice standards, so you can trust us and select us for your project’s Q/A.

Our Means of Arriving your Goals

  • Our client’s requirement and expectations

  • Our duty of care to the environment in which the project will exist

  • The legislative requirement and prevailing regulations pertaining to the delivered facility.

  • The goals that the client aspects to achieve with regard to time to complete, investment cost and technical performance of the delivered facility.

  • Technical design parameters

  • Performance characteristics, eg. Environmental and usage conditions and reliability.

  • Applicable standards and statutory regulations

  • Quality assurance requirements