Our Procurement Specialists Delivers Professional Procurement Services to give your Company Productive Turnkey Solutions

Petrochem’s Procurement specialists team have comprehensive knowledge and experience of the industry, they professionally support the customers in purchasing of engineering products and package systems for plant processing from the international market.

Beginning with considering the common and familiar procurement specifications, following that our team create a technical procurement package. Depending on these specifications, we find out the appropriate sellers from the Approved Vendor List (AVL), considering the basic vendor qualification norms that the customer might have. Following the criteria, technical suggestions are needed from the vendors which then go through a process of detailed technical bid analysis (TBA) by our procurement specialists. After all these processing our team issue the final documentation of purchase.

Our team negotiates with its client time by time to ensure the procurement services. We are know to be the best company among other procurement companies because of our detailed setups.

Petrochem’s Services Make your Complex Projects Profitable by Meeting your Needs

We shall provide our services for companies managing complex projects, where price, quality of materials and low risk factor in terms of smoothest supply chain shall be a more important factor.

With a team of professionals who has years of experience on projects scaling from large to small, we associate with the most experienced strategic suppliers for basic and fabricated materials, world-class logistics for inspection and delivery processes, and industry-leading accounting and inventory controls. We are able to provide high quality, cost effective procurement services by our co-ordination with safe, ethical and environment friendly vendors and contractors.

Our team of contract and procurement professionals provides an integrated range of services including Contracts management, purchasing, tendering, award formation and administration, inspection, expediting, quality control, logistics, and materials management.

Our Procurement Work Approaches

Pre-Qualification process is maintained for every vendor/contractor to meet our high standard supplier code of conduct and safety standards

Procurement assistance Services Include:

  • Market Research from procurement assistance outlook

  • Procurement Planning

  • Floating of Technical Enquiries to Selected/Approved/ Qualified Vendors

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Assisting client in preparing & finalizing Technical specifications of Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order Specifications

  • Vendor Data Handling & Monitoring

  • Procurement Expediting services

  • Inspection & Field QA/ QC

  • Transportation & Logistics support

  • Expediting Services for Procurement

  • List with classified Price of spares