Fire fighting

Petrochem’s Delivering Fire Fighting Services to Reduce any Risk and Protect your Project Offering Possible Rescue Systems

Petrochem a engineering consultant understand what is best for your business, thereby as we are trustworthy and reliable delivering the most essential services that is fire fighting, which will surely reduce any risk and protect your project from harmful losses. Our fire fighting team is extensively trained, the skills that are required for protective operations are daily practiced during training evaluations. We provide fire fighting services by having an end goal to surely save lives, property as well as environment

Our engineers are fully skilled in making the most securing firefighting equipment considering the zone, studying the requirements as well as analyzing the losses and protections. Petrochem is more standout among the other fire fighting companies just because of the expertise and reliability.

Our Fire Fighting Work Approaches

  • Fire water demand calculation

  • Project safety Plan



  • Hazop

  • QRA


  • Fire Zone Identification & F&G Detection Study

  • Loss Prevention & HSE Philosophy

  • Active Fire Protection Design Guidelines

  • Spec for Firefighting /Lifesaving/safety/medical equipment

  • Fire Water P&ID

  • Fire Water network hydraulics

  • Fire Water Layouts

  • Technical Specifications for Fire water Tank

  • Datasheet for Fire water Tank

  • Data sheet and Technical Specifications for Fire Water Main Pump

  • Data sheet and Technical Specifications for Foam System

  • Specification for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems (for Control Building & Electrical Sub Station Building, etc)

  • Fire fighting Layouts

  • Fire fighting System Drawings

  • Fire fighting MTO