Our Engineering Cost Estimation Services will figure out the Best Possible Cost for the Productivity of your Project!

Before execution of any project, estimation is essential. It is a way of figuring out the best possible, suitable and budget cost for the completion of a project. However, when you are analyzing the estimate cost it can not be done on finger tips. It requires comprehensive study of each and every element of project construction. Thus, the expertism works here!

Petrochem an engineering consulting firm is giving all the essential services under one roof. When it comes to project estimation our professional team to a comprehensive study of construction procedures as well as analyze the cost of labor and material by considering the experience, good judgement, skills and foresight. 

Our Construction Estimating Services will go through Plans and Schedules to give Finest Project Existence!

After comprehensive calculation of estimation from different aspects, our team move towards scheduling and planning in order to save the extra time and put that time for productivity of your project. The whole scheduling and planning will then carried out the whole project. So, when you are contacting us for construction estimating services you don’t have to get worried about the perfect outcomes and a finest project existance we work as you might be looking.

Our Project Estimation Work Approaches

  • Feasibility studies covering technical, economical and financial analysis report

  • Preparation of budget estimates for new facilities and revamping or re-locating existing facilities

  • Preparation of budget estimates for small maintenance and modification projects in existing units.

  • Analysis of existing out of service facilities to determine long term and startup costs.

  • Estimation of future life of running plants.