Electrical Engineering

Offering the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Services Using Latest Technology for Industries and Buildings

We offer turnkey electrical engineering services which includes designs, consulting and installation of electrical systems by using the most latest technologies for the industries and buildings.

We prefer to use the most updated technologies recently available, that includes, thermographic imaging camera to check out your electrical systems in order to make sure the unstoppable services. This implies regardless of the possibility that you have issues profound inside your project that might be causing power changes and different issues you may not know about, our electrical experts can analyze the issue rapidly, effectively, and moderately.

Our Electrical Engineering Services for a Wide Range of Industrial Clients

Our company delivers the most professional electrical engineering services for an extended range of industrial sector customers. Integrating the comprehensive ventures that are successfully completed we execute repair and services, fabrication, specialization and Installation. As well as you can contact us for customization as well. We believe in delivering quality services in order to bargain the trust of our customers so, our initiatives are executing the expertise for the long lasting relationships.

Our Electrical Engineering Work Approaches

Electrical dept is capable of delivering the following industry standard submittals in line with client expectations.

  • Electrical design basis

  • Load list

  • Electrical equipment sizing (Generator, Transformer, UPS etc.)

  • Cable sizing

  • Cable Schedule

  • Cable tray sizing.

  • Earthing calculation

  • Lightning protection designing

  • Lighting Calculation using various Software

  • Data Sheets

  • Specifications

  • Design of Bus Duct System

  • Cathodic Protection Designing

  • Heat Tracing

  • Preparation of MTO

  • Material Requisition

  • Technical Bid Evaluation

  • Vendor document review

  • Electrical System studies including

  • Short circuit study

  • Load flow analysis

  • Relay coordination Study

  • Electrical design drawing including

  • Single Line Diagram

  • Control Schematics

  • Hazardous area classification

  • Cable routing

  • Lighting Layout

  • Earthing layout

  • Lightning Protection Layout

  • Installation details