Detailed Engineering

Our Detailed Engineering Services Improving your Plant Potential and Performance

Petrochem Engineering Company gives an extensive variety of detailed designing services to its customers best among the other detailed design engineering companies in the chemical, oil and gas, power and pharmaceuticals enterprises, helping them to keep their organizations running securely and effectively. Regardless of whether the need is to update a current plant or design and build another one, we have encountered assets with the profound technical information and experience important to build up the ideal solution.

Our Legacy Designs and Expertise Ensure you to Deliver Proficiency you are Looking for!

Petrochem’s legacy, as a engineering division for a generous multi-national chemical organizations, implies our designers and engineers have experience of adopting a practical and hardheaded strategy to the designing challenges that face process plant services today. This approach has over and over acknowledged cost savings for our customers and is the thing that separates our services from others.

Our interdisciplinary association cover up all the technical and administrative functions required to execute major complex engineering tasks for the oil and gas industry projects. The creation of FEED to Detailed Engineering is attain through a professional engineering team leaded by well experienced Project Managers.

The Project Manager must be leading a team of capable Designing Engineers, who make sure that the project is engineered in whole to the satisfaction of the client. Approaching coordination with the development project engineering team resources and by negotiating  with the client for meeting the project fundamental requirements must be the aim of the project team all over the project cycle. Regular Review Meetings, Interdepartmental meetings, Requisite site visits ensures that this aim is attain without any difficulty.

Petrochem Engineering Services recognizes and will be attentive on the significance of Schedule, Cost & Quality and must actively strive to complete the FEED Development within the provided time schedule and client needs.