Providing Corrosion Services with Comprehensive Analysis of Corrosion Mechanisms along Professional Engineers

Concerning the aging infrastructure, the dangers of discharges or leakage and future structural losses as an unacceptable and ignorable risk for terminal operators we provide professional corrosion services after going through comprehensive analysis of corrosion mechanism by the consultancy of professional engineers.

Petrochem delivers the technical expertise, we have the capability to manage any sort of projects internationally. No matter how big or small is your issue our professionals know how to cope up with the situations. Our engineers have all the skills to meet customer’s need, the satisfaction of customers prove our skills and that’s how we are known to be the best association among other corrosion companies.

Our Corrosion Service Work Approaches

  • Study for the location of the Corrosion Inhibitor and monitoring System for corrosion and probes.

  • Study of Corrosion mechanisms, Loops prone to corrosion mechanisms.

  • Review of consequence of corrosion and loss of containment.

  • Criticality based on risk matrix provided by API 580 RBI.

  • Corrosion Protection methods in order to minimize corrosion to ALARP level, like corrosion inhibitor injection, optimization of injection and monitoring etc.

  • Recommendations for better corrosion management.