Conceptual Design

Our Unique Measures of Conceptual Design Services and Feasibility Studies make our Company Powerful to Work for your Productivity

Conceptual design services and Feasibility Studies concentrate on assessing your business opportunities and building up a project scope to meet recognized requirements. A key objective is to dissect and characterize how inventive automation services can affect particular plant economic and give a ROI justification. To help accomplish this, our experts draw from the best services and technologies for concept design architecture solutions that meet your requirements.

Our specialized team of engineers and designers can help you in a full range of your decision making process. The Optimization team gives process design and analysis, determine machinery required and equipments and produces PFDs.

Our conceptual design services and Feasibility Studies likewise build up a preparatory plan including extent of work and functional specification to give an all around characterized beginning stage for a project Front End Engineering Design (FEED). This specific measure make our company unique among other conceptual design companies.

Our Conceptual Studies Work Approaches

Petrochem Engineering Services executes Conceptual studies to evaluate Technical Feasibility, Economic Viability and Operability of various options of the process. The most optimized process scheme is selected from the above studies and is further developed along with the Process Flow Diagram and the Heat and Material Balance for the facility.

For Existing systems we undertake the following studies

  • Enhancements to increase the Process throughput

  • Ways to achieve Product Purity Enrichment

  • Effects of Change in Feed Composition and Conditions

  • Effects on Modifications in various operating modes

  • Various other plant studies

We identify different available technologies in industry, perform Techno-Commercial analysis, perform viability study, perform tricky analysis and facilitate our clients by selecting the best technology suiting their requirement. Hence we conduct studies for our clients to pick the most profit-making reachable technology.