Civil and Structural

The Civil and Structural Engineering Services Department Delivers Quality Assured Services through Trained Designers and Engineers Acquiring Global Approach

Our Civil and Engineering teams are enthusiastic in forecasting and finding out the best solutions of any project or challenge. We look towards the most recent technologies to refine the designs, increase buildability and enhance efficiency.

Our goal is to deliver economic and safe designs for each field of the project by designing cautious applications of standards and codes to make sure the “safety and extended life” of machinery and equipments inside and throughout the society. Petrochem attempt to make structural designs that would enhance the Architectural Designs so that it facilitates the tranquility of construction.

Providing you Wide Range of Civil and Structural Capabilities!

We undertake national and international both projects, no matter what you are expecting from us we assure you to give finest designs and quality. Among the best top civil engineering companies we are the most trustworthy company in this industry because of our economic and safety approaches.

Our Civil and Structural Engineering Work Approaches

Civil & Structural department the most latest division of PEC, with its strong quest for standardization finds its slot in the winning mob of PETROCHEM Engineers & consultants

  • Design Basis

  • Scope of Work for Soil Investigation Study and Geotechnical Survey

  • Design of RCC & Steel structures

  • Generation of Detailed Construction/ Fabrication Drawings

  • Material Requisition

  • BOQ Estimation

  • Specifications for Tender Documents

  • Technical Bid Analysis

  • Resolution of Site Erection issues

  • Layout Drawings