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Instrumentation division of PETROCHEM showcases the classic model where world class knowledge acquired through long years of experience blends with young energy, to meet & deliver above client expectations. The major deliverables for the division includes

  • Design Basis
  • Instrument Index
  • Specifications for Instruments
  • Specification for DCS / ESD systems
  • Instrument Specification for Vendor Packages & Equipment
  • Instrument Data sheets
  • Instrument – Electrical Interfaces
  • Set points, Alarm & Trip Register
  • Lighting Calculation using various Software
  • Input / Output Schedule for Control system
  • Instrument Installation specification
  • Control system Architectural drawing
  • Cause & Effect Diagram
  • Control room layout
  • Instrument Location diagram
  • Cable Block Diagram
  • Cable Schedule
  • Junction box Schedule
  • Instrument Cable routing diagram
  • Instrument Interconnection Diagram
  • Instrument loop Diagram
  • Instrument Hookup diagram
  • Bulk Material Take off
  • Material requisition/ Technical Bid Evaluation / Purchase Requisition
  • Vendor Data Review
  • As-built update